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Organizing My Storage Unit

I have always been one of those people who is obsessed with organization, which is probably why I set out to create a completely organized and easy to use storage unit. I wanted the entire space to be simple to go through and a breeze to move out of, so I started boxing, labeling, and stacking things accordingly. It took a little bit of time, but before I knew it, my entire storage space was gleaming and beautiful. This blog is completely dedicated to creating a storage space that will work well for your lifestyle and streamline your next move.


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Protecting Wood Furniture In Your Self-Storage Unit

When it comes to finding a place to keep old but still-loved wood furniture, a self-storage unit offers a great option to meet your needs. However, to keep your furniture in great shape, you'll want to take a few extra precautions. Use this guide to help keep your wood furniture protected from damage in your self-storage unit.

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

If possible, select a climate-controlled storage facility. Extreme heat and cold can damage wood furniture, including warped wood. Be sure to ask what the regular everyday temperature is set at and what the facility's plan of action is should the heat or air conditioning malfunction. Some facilities may also offer you the ability to set the temperature to meet your specific needs.

Use Moisture-Control Measures

Moisture can lead to rotting, mold, and mildew, and it is possible to have moisture accumulate in your storage unit even if you have climate control. There are several steps you can take to control moisture in your unit. You can line the floor with cardboard, or you can place baking soda in the cabinets or drawers of your furniture. For this option, choose the baking soda containers designed for use in the refrigerator, and replace them as directed on the box. Silica gel is also a good option for dressers or cabinets, and moisture absorbers sold in buckets can be placed next to wooden chairs or sofas.

Prevent Musty Smells

Furniture that sits in storage for extended periods of time can develop a musty or stale smell. You can prevent this by placing sachets of lavender inside the drawers or underneath the cushions of your furnishings. Spray-on upholstery air freshener is also a good option, and scented dryers sheets can also prevent smells. If you have upholstered furniture that already has a musty smell, consider having it professionally cleaned and then placed back into storage.

Elevate Your Items

To prevent potential damage from accidental flooding in your unit, consider placing your furnishings off the ground. You can do this by using wooden pallets, or you can place smaller items on rolling carts. The carts offer the added benefit of making it easy to transport your furnishings to your vehicle when you are ready to remove them from storage.

Frequent Cleaning

Wood furniture can benefit from frequent dusting and polishing, so create a schedule for visiting the storage facility to clean your furnishings. If you have your items stored underneath canvas drop cloths, you can do this less often, but you'll still want to clean your furniture regularly.

With the right care and precautions, you can keep your wood furniture looking great when it's in storage. For more information, talk to a company like North Star Mini Storage.