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Organizing My Storage Unit

I have always been one of those people who is obsessed with organization, which is probably why I set out to create a completely organized and easy to use storage unit. I wanted the entire space to be simple to go through and a breeze to move out of, so I started boxing, labeling, and stacking things accordingly. It took a little bit of time, but before I knew it, my entire storage space was gleaming and beautiful. This blog is completely dedicated to creating a storage space that will work well for your lifestyle and streamline your next move.


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How Self-Storage Helps When You're In College

Starting college is a great experience. You get to meet new people, learn a skill that can make you a great career, and you learn to be independent all at once. However, you need to find a place to put all your things once you transition from your childhood home into a small dorm or apartment. Much of your belongings aren't going to fit in your new living space, particularly when you have roommates who also need space to live.

You can use self-storage to manage your belongings until you either graduate, move back in at home to save money, or get yourself a larger space. Here are ways self-storage helps you when you're in college.

You don't bombard your parents

When you opt for self-storage as your storage solution, you show your parents that you are taking responsibility for your own things. You free up their home and your old bedroom to be used in new ways. You allow your parents the freedom to do with their home as they wish. If you do move back home, your things are safely stored away so you can easily retrieve what you need until you get back on your feet again.

You know where your things are

Choosing self-storage to house your belongings allows you to know where your things are at all times. When you put things in storage, you can write down what's in storage so you can keep track of seasonal clothing, recreational equipment, books, memorabilia, and other items. This way, if you find yourself needing to grab a few items periodically to meet your needs, you can do so easily.

You know your things are safe

Pick a self-storage unit that has a lot of security. Some self-storage unit companies feature live security, 24/7 staff members on site, and surveillance cameras to watch over units. When you try to house your things in another person's home or in a garage, you don't have the same security as you would have with a self-storage unit.

Ask your parents if their homeowners' insurance will cover your things while they are in storage in the event of theft or other types of damage. While some storage companies feature insurance for their customers, it's best to also provide your own insurance so you truly know your things are safe. Shop around until you find self-storage services that meet your needs and budget.