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Organizing My Storage Unit

I have always been one of those people who is obsessed with organization, which is probably why I set out to create a completely organized and easy to use storage unit. I wanted the entire space to be simple to go through and a breeze to move out of, so I started boxing, labeling, and stacking things accordingly. It took a little bit of time, but before I knew it, my entire storage space was gleaming and beautiful. This blog is completely dedicated to creating a storage space that will work well for your lifestyle and streamline your next move.


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Tips To Avoid Problems When Storing Your Car

There can be many different reasons why you may need to store your vehicle for several weeks or longer. When you find yourself needing to do this, there are some basic steps that must be followed if you are to keep your car as safe as possible while it is being stored.

Use A Storage Facility That Can Accommodate Vehicles

Keeping your car indoors can be an excellent way of reducing the risk of the vehicle suffering damage as a result of hail, falling branches or other potential threats. However, it is common for individuals to simply assume that they will be able to keep their car in any self-storage unit. Yet, it is common for these facilities to have specially designated units designed to hold cars. Before you sign the contract to rent the unit, you should verify that you can keep your car in it.

Drain The Gas Or Add A Stabilizer

If you will be storing your car for several weeks or longer, there is a chance that the fuel in the tank will start to degrade; this can create problems for the vehicle when the engine is started as the compromised fuel can cause the engine to malfunction and become damaged. Draining the fuel can be one option for avoiding this problem, but the fuel tank on your vehicle can be very difficult to fully drain. An easier option may be to add a fuel stabilizer. These substances can help to prevent the fuel from degrading. For the best results, you should ensure that the fuel stabilizer is compatible with the type of fuel that is in your vehicle.

Treat The Car And Unit For Pests

Pest problems can be one of the more common issues that individuals storing their vehicles may experience. It is likely that insects that are in the car can become trapped when the vehicle is placed in the storage facility; this can lead to these pests building nests and reproducing in the vehicle. Eventually, this can result in severe damage to the upholstery or mechanical parts of the vehicle. Getting rid of these pests can also be a very difficult problem to address as there are many areas where they could hide in the vehicle. By applying pest treatments to the vehicle and the storage unit, you can help to neutralize these pests before they are able to turn into a major problem for your vehicle. Ths can be particularly important if you are storing the vehicle during the spring and summer months as pests will be extremely active during this time of the year.